Introducing JarsideBot

JarsideBot is our in-house solution that crawls the web to improve the quality of Jarside-generated texts based on real data and context.

Google News
Our crawler is capable of fetching the most up-to-date data to enable Jarside to generate optimized Google News articles.
No more 2021 OpenAI Limit
Forget OpenAI's 2021 limit. JarsideBot enables Jarside to be connected to the Internet in real time, so it can deal with all post-2021 subject. (When using Organic / News mode).
Top SEO Keywords
Generate texts from the best keyword positions worldwide.
Friendly Crawler
We scrupulously respect the robots.txt guidelines of the websites we crawl. We don't crawl sites with a robots.txt that tells us we're not allowed to crawl the content.

Disable Jarside crawler on your Website

You don't want Jarside to crawl your content? You can add the following rule to your robots.txt file, and we'll stop crawling your site.

User-agent: JarsideBot
Disallow: /

Alternatively, you can add the following meta tags to your site's <head> on the URLs you wish to block or globally:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">
<-- or -->
<meta name="googlebot" content="noindex">